Academy of Art University is showcasing innovation

For anyone who wants to showcase their talent, there is an opportunity at the New York Fashion Week. During this event, different people are given an opportunity to become known through showcasing what they have to offer. The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion was showcasing their product for the 21st time on stage at the Skylight Clarkson Square where the event was being held. 10 graduates from different courses joined hands to come up with a combination of men and women wear that they showcased.

Among the audience, were Sara Kozlowski and Ms. J Alexander all who are renowned for their passion for fashion and style. The graduates had managed to come up with unique designs that were very impressive. Having only 15 minutes to present their designs, they were meant to present their work to the audience and awe them if they wanted a boost in the fashion industry. The designs brought out luxury, organic components, and emotions among others.

Academy of Art University works to help individuals grow their talents through the degrees and programs they offer. Their goal is to focus on art, communication, and designs as they empower their students to diversify in these fields. They offer a challenging environment to learn in so that students learn the importance of thinking critically as they come up with unique solutions.

The University is also focused on ethical upbringing and good communication skills as they view it as a strength in business. They have students from all over the world and have been offering their classes online for over 10 years. Academy of Art University offers courses like acting, arts, advertising, fashion, architecture, interior design, digital, film and television writing. Anyone who wants to study in this University has an option of studying online or attend class on campus.

Based in San Francisco, the University has showcased creativity and innovation through their students. Anyone with a passion in creativity has been able to explore the available options available at the University and work their way to a successful future through the knowledge and skills achieved through the courses they offer.

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