Brad Reifler’s Company Forefront Capital Has Started To Become Inclusive Of Lower Income Investors

Perhaps you or someone you know has wondered what they need to do to get a piece of the pie to good investing and early retirement for later in life. The truth is the stock market isn’t the only door to this goal, yet it’s been hard at times for non-accredited investors to enter into alternative markets.

But Brad Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital has begun to help people find a way to do this. For years even this company held its doors open to just primarily wealthy 1% clients, but things have happened over the years to bring the rest of the 99% into the fray.

Brad got into investing and hedge fund managing back in the 1980s when he founded Reifler Trading Company. He managed various discretionary accounts and soon built a whole network of institutional investors and derivatives markets.

In 1995, he started his second company Pali Capital, a hedge fund management company that used a rather hands-off approach for investment strategies, particular in public and private equity.

Pali Capital was a big success for hedge fund investors, generating billions in investment income and grew into a global operation. Reifler eventually sold both Reifler Trading Company and Pali Capital and then started up Forefront in 2009.

Brad Reifler took the combination of services he had offered at his previous two companies and brought them into a package that Forefront Capital offers to various fortune 500 and investment banking executives.

The clients Forefront serves certainly include honorable men, but Reifler also wanted to bring in non-accredited investors to the company, a market he sees as just as important as the fortune 500 group.

An article on Huffington Post shows that Brad Reifler’s idea started some years ago when he had tried to invest his father’s life savings in an account that would bring higher yields, while at the same time providing security for his retirement.

He found that he could not do that because his father was unaccredited, so he started up a public fund that allowed anyone to invest in with only $2,500. Brad Reifler is still working to open doors for these investors through working with the SEC and other institutions.

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  • Now that there is confidence in the market that many people are now involved in, using the idea in other investment was inevitable. Also even the service of, the need to make the change was really in high demand as well. Entering a moment that will have the likes of Forefront Capital taken a new leaf is one that many people want to see.