Dr. Saad Saad is Creating New Tools for Surgery

Medical Doctors have always had to look to the newest technology when it comes to caring for patients. Keeping patients comfortable and safe when performing medical procedures is the priority for all medical professionals. Dr. Saad Saad has taken this philosophy and put it into his practice. Specializing in thoracic and pediatric surgery, Dr. Saad holds patents to two of the most helpful inventions for doctors to date.


After performing countless surgeries that require a catheter, Dr. Saad has developed a device that aids in the finding of said catheter. While operating, doctors often have to use catheters, or tubes, to help them in the helping of the patient. There are many reasons to use catheters, and sometimes they must be found multiple times after being inserted into the patient. Dr. Saad’s invention allows the catheter to contain an electromagnetic tip. The electromagnetic piece will enable doctors to find the catheter quickly without the need of x-ray radiation or MRI scan. Catheters are found efficiently using a magnetic device that lights up when it is perpendicular to the catheter. A large medical company in Utah is currently interested in getting the device to more doctors.


Dr. Saad’s other inventions have helped him with other surgeries that include endoscopy. Endoscopy is when the doctor uses a thin camera device to see inside the patient. This can help the doctor look at the problems in the esophagus, colon, or lungs before any surgery takes place. The problem with the endoscope is that the camera lens can be fogged or blocked with fluid in the body. This forces medical staff to remove the device to suction out the area, and then they have to re-insert the endoscope to find the area again. Dr. Saad has created a patent to include a suction device on the endoscope itself. This allows medical staff to suction the obstruction and eliminate the fog from the endoscope lens without removing the device. This leads to safer and quicker procedures. The suction inclusion in endoscopes is already being used by a large part of the medical community.


Dr. Saad helps surgeons everywhere with his inventions. “Necessity is the mother of innovation” Dr. Saab claims when asked about his contributions. He has practiced medicine for 34 years and used that experience to help develop these tools that are being used today. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2


Dr. Saad graduated from the Cairo University Medical Hospital in 1971. He currently practices medicine in Jersey Shore University Medical Center and the Long Branch Campus of Monmouth Medical Center. Operating in Eatontown, New Jersey, he has done several medical missions outside of the United States. More specifically, he has completed eight trips in Jerusalem where he performed free complex surgeries on sick children.