Eco-Conscious Destinations Grow In Popularity

There is a growing trend ecologically conscious travel has reached higher levels of individuals exploring the world than ever before as the ability to lessen the impact of tourism has been seen as a good idea for all who take part in this form of travel. Looking for destinations that have a low impact on the environment has become a major part of the tourism industry, which is now the largest multi-billion dollar industry in the world; in the U.S. the success of gap years and conservation groups has seen around 100,000 tourists each year explore destinations across the planet in terms of conservation and volunteering programs.


A nation that has seen a high increase in the number of eco-tourists is Chile, which has become a popular destination after developing South America’s first carbon tax on tourists entering the country. Those who are looking for an ecologically friendly travel destination are exploring Chile where the government has been seeking to develop its range of policies allowing increased dependence on renewable energy sources over the use of fossil fuels.


There are many different ways of exploring the world in a way that maintains the successful rescue of the planet in terms of remaining ecologically friendly, which can include a range of destinations such as Lithuania where the government is also seeking to explore the possibilities offered by renewable energy sources; tourists looking for a destination that reduces their carbon footprint can also look to Uruguay where the public transport system is among the most sustainable on the planet.


One of the global leaders in eco-conscious travel is Wild Ark, a company that is looking to assist tourists seeking to explore the world in a way that assists the protection of the planet. Wild Ark has been seeking areas of green belt that can not only be protected, but also seek research opportunities to turn any vacation into a successful trip that helps protect various areas of the planet placed at risk from carbon emissions and human activities.


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