EOS – For You and Your Lips

The EOS product line, also referred to as Evolution of Smooth, offers lip balms and body lotions, shaving cream and more. When it comes to lip balms, nobody knows better than EOS. You may choose from organic smooth spheres, visibly-soft smooth spears, soft shimmer smooth spheres, multi-packs, organic smooth sticks and even active protection smooth spheres, available in walgreens.com. Delightfully flavored and incomparably packed with antioxidant-rich vitamins, Shea butter and natural oils, these balms are made for anyone. They’re also dermatology- tested and hypoallergenic as well as paraben and petroleum free – to offer only the softest, smoothest and beautiful lips, seek more info here on blogwebpedia.com.

Plus, you may choose from a wide selection of EOS lip balm spheres, such as honeysuckle honeydew, sweet mint, summer fruit, pomegranate raspberry, blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, coconut milk, blackberry nectar, vanilla mint, pearl, sheer pink and more, buy here. These products also cruelty-free and therefore have not been tested on any animals. They are certified 95-percent organic and are free of GMOs.

With a twist-off top that precisely guides upon your lips for a long-lasting, beautiful effect, choose EOS lip balm. Plus, how can you miss out on that vitamin E that your body needs – and from an organic source? Product ingredients mostly include seed oils, sunflower extracts, fruit extracts, beeswax, olive oil, and Stevia: These are some of the most healthy ingredients that you can put in your on your lips, and we guarantee it.


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  • No doubt, there are different reasons why we all choose a certain product, getting to choose Evolution of Smooth for me is because they are paraben and petroleum free. I made my decision owing to the review of http://www.essayhell.org/essay-on-time-com-review/ which highlighted what EOS is really all about. More interesting, is their lip balm which would always leave my lip moisturized for longer period of time.