Flavio Maluf and His Leadership Experience at Eucatex

Eucatex is a company that has been around for close to six decades now. When the founders were putting it together, it is possible they had no idea how big it would grow into. However, the strategies they have been employing in its development is what has lead to the success that the company is enjoying today. The company is the largest producer and exporter of building material made from wood. Their main selling point has been their incorporation of environmental care in their production processes. They make exclusive use of trees such as eucalyptus to make products like tiles, ceilings and panels.

Flavio Maluf is currently the man at the leadership mantel for Eucatex. He joined the company in the early 90’s in the position of a mechanical engineer. He has manage to rise through the ranks to the current leadership position as a result of his work ethic and his preferences on environmental sustainability during the production process. Maluf, who is a graduate of FAAP in Sao Paulo, also has a Post Graduate Education in Administration from NYU.

When the company started off, it was referred to as Fiberboard and was a small scale production unit. Over the next decade, they expanded and created a few more Branches in different parts of Brazil, even crossing the border to neighboring Argentina in 1965. This greatly affected their capacity to produce and they started exporting to European Markets.

For the next 4 decades, they steadily grew, created new products and shook up the long held ideals about trade in household products. With time, they started including products that were not made from wood in their lineup of goods. The first of these was the paint and varnish business. After studying the market, they decided to set up a lab that would create products to the specific needs of their market and their customers.

Their products have been hailed and recognized everywhere. The company has been recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council for their efforts towards forest conservation. They are also ISO certified. The pace at which the company is growing is an assurance that they will keep getting better as time goes by.

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