Freedom Checks May Yield a Promising Outcome

A blog post was written by Amanda Peter on the Release Fact website on May 4, 2018, breaks down the myths and the facts surrounding the confusion of Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks. For those who have not heard of Matt Badiali or his Freedom Checks being referred, then let me bring you up to date.

Matt Badiali, a Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing and a Geologist. He was a former college professor in Geology at Penn State, his alma mater. He started his path in the financial environment when an investor looking into investing in the mining and energy sector needed his expertise. Matt found himself traveling all over the world, investigating companies and interviewing CEOs, making sure what is on their financial statement is what he found at these sites. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

While traveling and conducting his investigations and research, Matt came across a common denominator across these companies, which was Statute 26-F. Statute 26-F was enacted by Congress in 1987 giving specific companies the ability to payout large amount in dividends “Freedom Checks” to investors tax-free. Companies meeting these two criteria’s can legally provide these dividends, which are:

1) Revenues generated must be 90% from its mining, gas or oil’s production, storage, processing or transportation and only companies located in America qualifies.

2) These companies must distribute these dividends at least annually, but some can distribute quarterly as well.

However, Matt was introduced to the public via an investment newsletter from Banyan Hill Publishing in an elaborate advertising campaign about Freedom Checks. It was a confusing ad, showing an unknown man, Matt, holding a very large check of $114,287, a replica of a tax refund check. For those who bypassed this image and read what he was offering, the context about what these checks are was as confusing.

First, Matt Badiali was offering an investment opportunity to invest in companies providing dividends paid through MLP (Master Limited Partnerships). Second, he was offering for people to sign up for his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, where he provides his insights to these companies. His goal was to provide investment opportunities that were once only offered to financial elites to the American public.

If the advertisement was originally introduced in this manner, Matt Badiali’s offer is quite legitimate and promising. Doing your own research prior to investing in any financial opportunity is smart. Peters concluded that just because a financial advertisement may come across as exaggerated does not mean that it will not yield a promising outcome. Learn more: