Goettl’s Outstanding Service To Arizona

Goettl Air Conditioning is a leader in the fields of air conditioning, heating and ventilation. The company is based out of Arizona and recently had cause for a major celebration. Goettl is celebrating their seventy-fifth anniversary. Twenty-five of those years were spent with Dan Burke, their previous president and current CEO.

Phoenix has a history that goes back a hundred and thirty-three years. Over half of this time period included Goettl Air Conditioning. Adam and Gust Goettl founded the company in Phoenix in 1939. The company wanted to keep the good people of Arizona cool when it was extremely hot during the summer. They have grown a lot since then but they still provide quality service to keep Arizona cool. Goettl has actually become a staple brand throughout Arizona.

Goettl was bought in 2012 by Kenneth Goodrich. He was a partner and a veteran of the HVAC industry. Having been responsible for the building of many HVAC companies that became successful, he knew what he wanted. He wanted the then current president of the company to become the CEO. So Burke took on the position. Goodrich felt Arizona and Goettl had a long history and was excited about Dan heading the company.

Burke began his career with Goettl in 1989 as the president of the company. He already had a lot of experience in the industry at that time and was perfect for the position. Through his devotion and leadership, Goettl became a integral component for the HVAC community in Arizona.

Due to the leadership capabilities of Burke and Goodrich, Goettl is till making strides in Arizona. They have been acknowledged for providing quality and excellence in their installations. Their service receives its fair share of praise as well. Goettl was even one of the finalists for an award from the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. The praise they were given from Greg Stanton, the mayor of Phoenix said it all. The company was honored with an award for a very special recognition in honor of seventy-five years of excellent service to Arizona. This award was given by the Governor, Janice K. Brewer.

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