Great Accomplishments of OSI Group

Recently, OSI Group was ranked position 59 out of 100 on the list of top and largest private firms by Forbes. Currently, this firm is led by Sheldon Lavin who works as the chief executive officer and Sherry Demeulenaure as the chief financial officer. In addition, OSI employs over 20,000 employees working across the world.

Presently, OSI Group has estimated revenue of $6.1 Billion and largely specializes in food, tobacco and drinks. This firm was founded in 1909 and still maintains its main offices in Illinois.

Acquisition of Baho Foods

Not long ago, OSI Group managed to acquire Baho Foods, a Dutch company that initially specialized in convenience foods, Delhi meat and snacks. To clearly comprehend the amazing package that Baho Foods tags along with, it is crucial to note that Baho Foods has five subsidiaries located in two countries.

Before the purchase by OSI Group, Baho Foods operated fully in Germany and Netherlands. Baho Foods’ five subsidiaries included Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Henri Van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Gelderland Foods. Despite this great acquisition, most employees from Baho Foods will continue serving the firm with an end goal of making OSI Group the largest and leading food retailer in Europe and internationally. Additionally, the acquisition will enable OSI Group maintain good relationships with its customers.


Over the years, this firm has been operating worldwide. Besides the corporate headquarters, OSI Group has numerous plants in different areas of the world including United States of America. Furthermore it has plants in Fort Atkinson and Riverside California. This firm produces a wide array of products ranging from meat patties, bacon, dough products, hot dogs, fish, pork, vegetable products and bacon. OSI Group supplies meat products to most western companies particularly those in Asia and China.

OSI Group supplies high quality meat to diverse companies including Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, Subway and Pizza Hut among others. Additionally, OSI Group has been recognized as one of the companies that observe environmental standards and sustainability polices.


Despite different challenges, OSI Group has managed to grow and diversify its services to different areas around the globe. With a good reputation, OSI Group has set a good pace for other companies in the industry.

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  • The main aim of this great acquisition is to help OSI Group increase its business and presence worldwide. This company received an award for safety risks and health management following the good services it offers. I would have to believe that would get everything ready for them instantly too.