Improved Technology of Live Meetings

Live Meeting has been making it easier for companies to hold meetings when everyone isn’t available to be in one place. Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion recently announced a new and improved edition of Live Meetings.


Live Meetings makes it possible for people to record and share live videos as well as hold video-based web conferences. This makes it easier for companies to hold conferences and share presentations without the usual scheduling conflicts.


The updates to the program include technology that makes it so users don’t need to download anything to utilize the program. They can now participate right in their browsers. This technology saves users time as well as making use compatible with more technological devices.


The update also includes great picture quality as well as sound quality. The new technology is user-friendly and designed for even beginners to such advances to use. TalkFusion and their Live Meetings are ahead of the game, as they are the only company that has the design allowing web meetings to have 500 or more attendees.


Bob Reina the CEO of TalkFusion is a man who believes in self-discipline. Reina credits Self-discipline with getting him the success he holds today in his company. His road to success wasn’t an easy one but drive and determination put him at the head of a company leading in its own industry.


Reina has said he gets up at around 5:30 every morning and begins his day by checking emails and setting his priorities for the day. He runs his office, by making sure everyone knows right away in the morning what is needed from them each day, with the expectation it will be done.


Reina and his style along with his hard work have paid off for TalkFusion, as they are truly setting the bar for WebRTC-based conferencing. The company keeps looking ahead and moving forward, hoping to keep the bar high. Learn more: