Inspiring Words From Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an inspiring woman who built a company from scratch back in 2008. With just a couple of bucks left to her name and the help of the right people, Doe Deere built what is now a household name in the world of makeup. Her inspiring story, her work ethic, and how she works in this business is a great look to see what hard work and patience can do for you if you work hard enough. Doe Deere is an inspiring woman who shares her insight in an interview with Idea Mensch.


In the interview, she is asked a multitude of questions, both genuinely about her work and also fun loving random questions. One of the best things she talks about in one question is how she comes up with ideas. It’s very true that anybody wanting to pursue anything in life needs to have an idea to begin with. She explains that it’s about waiting it out and listening to yourself, and when any idea comes to mind to instantly act on it. She also believes in trying her products first, and so you know for sure that anything she sells she definitely tries first and does approve of what it does.


She also speaks about being a great leader in her business, and that her best strategy in her business is about properly knowing how to treat her team with dignity and respect. She knows that being rude and disrespectful to try and get your way when you’re the CEO is not going to create lasting relationships within the business. This is also how it is with friends, family, and overall relationships. Her insight on business and how well it correlates to life as well is definitely inspiring and can be a helpful thing that can guide anyone to fulfill their dreamsĀ  and live happily in all areas.


Doe Deere is a hardworking makeup artist who started from the ground up. She built this company all on her own with the help of just a few other people. With very minimal funds, she started her own business with eBay and eventually moved forward and created a full on brand. Today, Lime Crime is a highly respected company that truly knows what it’s capable of and what it offers. Only time will tell before we see what it can sell and what it can do for her biggest fans.



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