Jason Hope shows how IoT is affecting the airline companies

The Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787s comes connected to the Internet of Things. What is the Internet of Things? IoT is the ability of electronic devices to connect to the internet. Every part of the plane comes connected to each other such that they can all communicate. Then, each of the parts is connected to a control system that monitors the performance of any of them. The control system collects real-time data, analyzes it and comes up with a detailed report on the performance of each one of them. In any case, there is maintenance that should be done; then it is scheduled automatically depending on the performance of the parts of the plane. If the technicians receive a report that the engine is not working properly, repairs and servicing will be done when the flight lands immediately.

Another area of the airline industry that will be affected by the growth of IoT is the customer care. From the check-in to bagging handling, everything is being automated. Nowadays, people are booking planes via the email. Some airlines have already made sure that seats are booked 24 hours before travel. Another thing that will be influenced by IoT is the personal travel around airports. IoT will ensure that passengers are kept updated on amenities around the airport, the duration of travel, the number of minutes remaining before the plane doors are closed and such information. One will be notified of the direction to the plane in case they are lost.

Some airlines are working on sensors that will be able to detect whether the passenger is comfortable or not on the seat. They will note things such as fatigue, temperatures and notify the crew. There is also an improvement on the manner in which bagging is done. With IoT, the chances are that no bag will be lost. The passenger will be able to monitor the position of the bag throughout the journey.

About Jason Hope

All these changes are the predictions which Jason Hope, a renowned tech entrepreneur, and futurist has made about the industry. He has projected that it will be one of the most adversely affected industries. Jason Hope is a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona. He holds an MBA from the Arizona State University. He has spent all his life looking for opportunities in the technology fields. He has been talking about the IoT for a long time even before people knew what it is all about. Jason Hope is also a philanthropist who supports technological research.

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