Jeremy Goldstein: Legal Excellence On the LRIS

Finding reliable lawyers is made easier with the introduction of the Lawyer Referral and Information Service online portal(LRIS). Legal issues that range from landlord-tenant disputes to child custody issues and everything in between can easily be solved with the use of LRIS. LRIS is an online portal which allows individuals to seek professional legal assistance by connecting the individual with a professional lawyer or firm reviewed by the New York State Bar Association. These referrals are reviewed by the State Bar staff and are completely free of charge; just pay $35 for the first 30-minute consultation. Exceptions are made for issues that involve personal injury, medical malpractice, social security, veterans and military and unemployment or worker’s compensation.


Boutique law firms such as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC is one example of the professionalism one can expect to find on LRIS. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC is dedicated to providing the best service to advising compensation committees, CEOs, management teams and corporations in executive compensation and corporate governance matters; specifically specializing in sensitive situations and transformative corporate events.


Jeremy Goldstein of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC himself is highly qualified for any legal issues involving mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, private equity, restructuring, employment contracts and employment law, legal advice and legal research, start-ups as well as corporate finance and venture capital. Jeremy Goldstein impressive experience involves taking part in many of the largest corporate transactions in recent history, including Verizon Wireless/ALLTEL Corporation, Goldman Sachs and TPG/ALLTEL Corporation, NYSE Group INC., Bank of America Corporation/MBNA Corporation and so much more.


If one is involved in a legal dispute and is seeking legal excellence and professionalism, the LRIS is perfect for finding suitable candidates such as Jeremy Goldstein. Get started here today: