Jose Auriemo Neto; the Executive behind the JHSF Company Success

The Brazilian sectors of shopping malls, real estate development, and the hotel industry with time improved, thanks to the JHSF Company. The company was founded in the year 1972 by two brothers Fabio, and Jose Roberto Aureimo. It was then known as the JHS, and during this time, around 1990, the company experienced a split where Fabio took control of JHSF, and the other side was under his brother Jose Roberto. JHSF is currently operational in the Brazilian market and various countries such as the Uruguay and the U.S. according to reports, JHSF was the first real estate company to prioritize in this area of recurrent income sector. As an international company, it was primarily focused on the recurring income activities. Since its establishment to date, JSHS has managed to develop an area of about 6 million square meters in constructions, and with an R $ 1.20 billion approximate market value on the stock exchange.

The eldest of the two brothers decided to take over the company while at 27 years old, and later on in 2006, the company managed to launch a shopping mall called Cidade Jardim Complex. The mall consisted various residential towers such as; the high-end condominium park city garden and the commercial towers. JHSF Company has come a long way to its development and has managed to put up various shopping malls across Brazil and its neighboring states. For example, the Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz that was later sold to BRmalls and Catarina Fashion Outlet, which was inaugurated in 2014. This (Catarina Fashion) was its first Brazilian outlet for luxury segment among others.

José Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian executive who is also a chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF Company. Jose Aureimo is a son of the president of the developer JHSF, Mr. Fabio Auriemo. He built a real estate company that was a development in commercial and residential properties within Brazil.

Jose Auriemo administered the first venture into retail in the year 2009, where he signed an elite partnership agreement with Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Choo. This partnership is what enabled Aureimo Neto to quickly put up the first retail outlets in the shopping complex.