Kenneth Goodgame Helping Corporations Stay Relevant

As the economy has become more fragile, the big hardware and tool retailers have repeatedly turned to Kenneth Goodgame to reinvent their business, or to at least in dealing with all the changes the 21st century is throwing at us all. Goodgame is a great leader in streamlining and revitalizing businesses. He works with long-term planning, executing marketing campaigns, doing complex merchandising deals, setting prices, doing management of categories, find sources for goods, and producing print advertising.

Goodgame simply calls himself an Operations Manager with a unique approach. With his help, the big box hardware and tools stores are rising to meet the challenges of this post-modern information age.

According to Bloomberg, Kenneth Goodgame was a Senior Vice President at True Value Hardware, located in Chicago, Ill. There he managed a Profit and Loss (P&L) business which received $2.2 billion in revenues in sales of 85 different SKUs and inventory totaling 320 million items. At Ace Hardware in Oak Brook, he did the same, but for $3.2 billion of revenue. Kenneth is the one who invented the Craftsman Program, which increased Ace Hardware’s tool sales from $9 million up to a whopping $180 million!

Throughput was significantly streamlined, which has produced much better profitability at all the corporations where he has contributed.

Along with better inventory controls, Goodgame also introduced a program to improve employee morale. He is a shrewd negotiator who understands the markets quite expertly.


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  • He has done a lot of quality assurance and produced effective delivery indicators for performance measurements. He has a great deal of experience in not only multi-million dollar deals, but has dealt with transactions that totaled billions of dollars. The college degree given to them was the only thing they need to know at that particular moment.