Kevin Seawright: Providing Newark With Innovate Solutions For Economic Growth

Currently, the VP and CFO of the Newark Economic Development Corporation, Kevin Seawright’s strength lies in his abilities as an economic strategist. By devising finance and accounting strategies that assist organizations in reaching their goals, Seawright brings about revenue enhancements.

In Newark, Kevin Seawright is instrumental in helping Mayor Baraka achieve his goal of increasing small business development in the city by working on out-of models for using capital, such as the Grow Newark Fund and discounted advertising for businesses in the city.

When World Class Magazine interviewed Kevin Seawright, he credited his upbringing for utilizing his financial skills to improve the lives of inner-city residents, including the warm feeling he gets when the Newark CDC is able to make a loan to an entrepreneur to start a small business in the city. Raised in Philadelphia, Seawright’s parents instilled a sense of stewardship in him in his career, which started in the Baltimore, where Seawright served as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer.

A proponent of higher education, Kevin Seawright recently completed the second portion of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program at the University of Notre Dame, where he excelled, earning a special Certificate of Achievement.

Despite being a port city with a major airport and having numerous companies headquartered in the city, 25 percent of the population lives in poverty, which is why I believe Seawright has his work cut out for him. Nevertheless, if anyone can help Newark, it is an accountant that excels at innovative solutions.

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