Lime Crime Moves the Needle Again


So many people are looking for a different brand of cosmetics. There is a lot of talk about how cosmetics can totally change the way that a person looks. Unfortunately, many people have started to just buy the same types of boring lipstick and everyone looks the same. Lime Crime is the company that has allowed people to buy cosmetics that are actually going to give them a chance to stand out. This is what has made this brand come alive and get recognition in a sea of cosmetic vendors that all tend to produce the same types of products.

Doe Deere knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to start this company. She wanted a brand that would stand out and give customers something that was unique, and she has been able to do this with the bazaar colors that she presents through her lipstick and eyeshadow collection.


Lime Crime managed to go beyond what it takes become a true leader in the make up industry. This is the type of company that is small but very my mighty. Doe Deere did not have a lot when she started the company, but she has managed to grow in ways that most people would have never imagined.

Many of the bigger companies have to spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out the right ads that will be able to attract new customers and keep old customers loyal. Lime Crime may not be seen on television stations, but there are more than 1 million followers for the Lime Crime Instagram account.


It really feels good for some women to be able to stand out. They like products that are unique and Lime Crime definitely makes it possible for people to separate themselves from the sea of other women that are stuck with the same old boring make up products.

Shop them at the following link, if you want to try your own Lime Crime products:

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