Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm Casella is the chief executive officer of World Assets Exchange Company (WAX) and CIO at Oscines Company. Before joining WAX, he was the head Technology Officer at Ventures Company and General Manager at Sea change international Digital Company. He has a wealth of experience in digital marketing and software development. Malcolm tenure at Tribune publishing supported leveraging of digital technology in acquiring assets, and there was a spontaneous growth of company property.

Also, as general manager at Sea change international Digital Company, he supported the company to acquire Lab Holding Company which was a solution provider for analog enterprises to discover, purchase and display social signaling content for their clients.

Malcolm CasSelle supported several startup digital companies to rise and grow their portfolio. They include; fire, Media Pass and Group on Venture in China. Malcolm has invested with companies like Google, Facebook, Bitcoin, and Zynga.

Malcolm CasSelle holds bachelor degree and masters in computer science from Mint University and Stafford University.

The company offers the customers with a decentralized platform to engage in market space for tokenizing game items and virtual game assets. Wax has significantly reduced transaction cost and created an efficient market for games to enable transfer of asset and maximize the player profit from a centralized point. In previous years, it was not possible to quickly transact games and transfer asset since there was no efficient system.

Tokenization has facilities creation, ownership, increase and accessibility of virtual assets with potential to expand the new physical assets market.

Max has a multilayer governance platform which helps in monitoring and securing assets.It offers regulatory oversight by token holders and ensures tokens remain tied to the asset. The WAX virtual system works closely with transfer agents who provide virtual asset transactions is efficient, and customers. The agents work with transfer committees who oversee rating systems and guild algorithm.

Malcolm values the user experience and feedback. Wax company is committed to providing virtual asset services to address the customers needs and protect them from incredible fraud online sellers.He has created trust between client and seller to a point where the customer is confident to send money, and the seller delivers the item.


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