Michael Zomber – Passionate Pursuits in Ancient Arms



Michael Zomber has collected old armor and arms for over four decades. He has had an opportunity to share his expertise, as a guest historian, in the Americans History Channel. He has featured in the podcast Tales of the Gun. It includes Dueling Pistols, Orient Guns, Automatic Pistols, Guns of the Famous, and the million dollar Guns.


Zomber gained an international recognition through his love for the Japanese samurai swords. Michael is also a storyteller. He has numerous writing credits. Zomber has written many historical novels with dozens of screenplays. While he remains to be a historian, he is aware of the ultimate futility and horror of armed conflicts. He also has an unweaving support for NGO’s, such as UNICEF, whose mission is to foster peace.


Michael, and his wife, has two children. They live in Philadelphia, according to Facebook. As per his bio, Michael was born in Washington, D.C. He is a bachelor degree holder in Psychology and English. He also has a master’s degree from UCLA in English Literature.   Read the rest of Michael’s background on his website at the following link: http://www.michaelzomber.com/bio.html


Michael, the well-known antique armors and arms expert. Michael Zomber made himself busy prepping and teaching inmates to pass GEDs. He has also authored numerous legal articles. While he is a prominent author of over five novels, his recent article has your attention.


Shogun Iemitsu, his new book, gives us a view of the 17th century in Japan. It features the life of two Samurais the two were serving Lord Arima who has a secret plan to overthrow the government of the country. During the time when the people in Yokohama province were tired, all this happened. The two Samurai warriors decided to travel a journey of conspiracy, murder, and treason. While trying to live by the ways of the Bushido, they fell in love with one girl.


The Flash is one of his most-loved movies in the market. It stars 10 characters living in the streets of Los Angeles, California. For an epic adventure of discovery, the film brings together life itself.

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