MoPac Committed to Helping Solve Congestion on Austin, Texas Roads

There is a traffic situation in Austin, Texas and it’s only going to get worse warn the local traffic authorities. There are many mobility solutions coming up to help the city improve this issue, and one of those latest solutions is called MoPac. There is no one solution that will fix this entire problem says the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, but it will likely be several solutions in technology that have to come together to help improve the situation as the area continues to explode in population growth. The solution is not only building more roads but also using varying levels of tolls throughout the city to institute better traffic implementation policies and to also build new roads when those are the solution. It’s not a simple solution, but there is no shortage of companies like MoPac that will offer opportunities for the city to decide what technological advancements will work better for them. It’s up to the city to determine what will be done and when, but something will have to be done or traveling the city will just get more congested.


The head of this entire project of figuring out traffic congestion in the area will be Mike Hilgenstein who is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Hilgenstein is also a Board Member of the Texas Transportation Institute as well. Mike Hilgenstein is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and has a Masters in Government & Business Administration. While Hilgenstein admits to not have all the solutions, he is sure through a partnership with others they can understand the problem and aim to improve commutes over time. As the cooperation of everyone comes together this is a fixable problem, and they are committed to fixing it to make commuting in Austin, Texas easy and reasonable as possible for all commuters on the road, especially during rush hours and holidays when roads are the busiest.

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