Nabors Industry’s President , Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is one of the most recognized and successful people worldwide. He has been the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries in Canada for many years. Popularly known as Tony, this man gained his education from Harvard Law School where he acquired a degree in B.S and Mathematics. He is also an alumnus of Yale University.

Petrello’s activity in Nabors industry is to provide directions to the company and strategic planning. Through this, he has enabled the company to adapt and grow in many ways. According to the proxy statement of the year 2015, Tony received a total compensation of $27, 512,939.

Tony holds board memberships of various companies such as, Texas children Hospital, Stewart and Stevenson LLC and Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

Nabors industry is famous. This company has a good pay to its workers. Through its positive impact on their employees, Canada has achieved a better environment.

Lloyd Grove who was also a roommate of Anthony Petrello wrote in public and confessed how he was shocked to realize that his college friend is successful. This man says that the first time he learned about this news, it took him several minutes to learn from the internet. He did not believe what he had seen. Lloyd has the anxiety of being like his college roommate.

Anthony Petrello is a family man. Anthony Petrello is married to one beautiful woman called Cynthia. Their daughter named as Carena is eight years old. This girl was born with a serious complication known as per ventricular Leukomalacia. She could hardly eat, talk and walk. She has however improved, and this is a great miracle to her parents. Cynthia and her husband are working quite hard to give their daughter the best on earth. They want Carena to have a pure heart and always determined about life. Carena is hard working too. She is currently learning how to talk and walk.

Cynthia and Tony gained an opportunity of working with Texas Children’s Hospital. Their main aim is meeting need of children with conditions like that of their daughter, Carena. All they want to do is to help these kids meet their potential in life.

Anthony Petrello did not make in the list of highest paid presidents in 2014. Nabors industry decided to change its compensation practices and corporate governance. Some of his roles divided and this affected his salary.

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  • Mr. Anthony Petrello has got a successful career in the oil sector and that is probably he is so much valued by the Nabors company. Based on the numbers provided by rushessay it is in no doubt that his value is one that is quite huge and been one of the highest paid presidents around, his services must have been very key to the growth of the company.