Norka Luque and the Miraculous Journey of Her Life

Norka Luque is an American based singer who hails from Venezuela. She believes that all her life lessons, family, languages and culture played a significant role in shaping her destiny. She believes that music was her fate owing to all that happened in her life prior to becoming a superstar. Norka owes her fame and fortune to Emilio Estefan Jr. Emilio is her music producer and is responsible for making her star shine bright in the industry. She was attending the showcase of her maiden album “Miracle” that is currently enjoying massive airplay in a number of Latino and U.S. radio stations. The album was compiled by a group of producers who were assembled together by Emilio. The producers in the team included the Gaitan brothers (Ricardo and Alberto), Luis Giraldo, Cuco Pena and Archie Pena from Puerto Rico. Norka admitted in an interview that the team took some time before finally agreeing on the genre of her music album. It is a fusion of rock, ballads, rhythms & blues, pop and tropical.

Norka has always been in touch with the musical world from when she was a little girl where she was involved in several musical competitions. She moved to France after her high school to pursue an International Business degree. Her passion for music did not die and she joined a band while there named “Bad Moon Rising, Funk and Rock”. The band enabled her to perform in various platforms, and this played an important role in shaping her career today. Norka then moved to the United States and took ore singing lessons apart from studying fashion and culinary arts.

About Norka Luque

Norka ensures her music conveys a message of hope and positivity to her ardent fans that could be facing some rough patches in their lives. Norka is thankful for her parents who supported her dream by taking her for musical lessons. She was trained in ballet, voice practice, flamenco and her academic studies as well.

Her life changed when she met Emilio Estefan Jr. who was impressed by her talent in music. Emilio took her under his wing and transformed her music for the better as he is widely known as the King Midas of music. Norka hopes to change the world from what it is now to become better through her music.

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