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Damac Owner – Hussain Sajwani family and More

When it comes to real estate, no one knows better than Hussain Sajwani, a personal friend and business partner of President Trump – not to mention a lifelong friend of his family. He has often met with the Trumps for luncheons and golf in the park and has even helped President Trump to build his largest golf course. Sajwani is the owner of Damac properties, a billion-dollar industry. He has many years of experience in markets and shares his advice below, based on his personal career experiences leading to his current role:


Fundamentals for First-Time Homebuyers to Never Forget


Anyone on the daring quest to purchase a home for the first time will be wise to consider the following pointers as they may make any sale better or worse, depending upon many factors that currently affect real estate, a constantly-changing environment. It is said that “Knowledge is power”; the more one knows on how to negotiate for the best deals, rates and fees, the greater influence he or she will have on the process of the rental or purchase. It all begins with studying multiple factors and then re-analyzing every component to its core.


Considering the Neighborhood and Its Surrounding Markets


If any transaction is to remain successful on either end, or even for both parties involved, there must be a thorough study and a continual evaluation of the current area’s markets. For instance, is the new home within a buyer’s market or a seller’s market at the time of analysis? The reviewed home and its demographics — along with the home’s current environment — work similarly to a teeter totter: They fluctuate unexpectedly. Thus, it’s important to always stay updated and knowledgeable in all factors, remaining one step ahead of the game.


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