Rick Smith, an Amazing Strategist

A company’s most important asset is its Chief Executive Officer. This person is the one that contributes highest to the success or failure of a company. Rick Smith serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies.

In April 2015, Securus Technologies announced its acquiring of JPay Inc. through an absolute Stock Purchase Agreement. From there, Securus Technologies secured necessary state and federal regulatory bodies’ approvals and equity and debt funding to close the transaction in July 2015.

Rick Smith acknowledged that the transaction with JPay pushed Securus in segments that are growing fastest in the correctional institutions. Rick and his company works hard to ensure that inmates keep in touch with the people outside world. They make sure that communication channels in the form of emailing and payments are streamlined. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on prnewswire.com.

Being socially responsible is part of Securus as phrased by Rick Smith. He gives positive comments concerning their customers sending in appreciation emails. In the emails, they commend the company for providing them with adequate services and by enhancing the security of both the inmates and their loved ones.

Through emails that inmates sign in, Rick Smith Securus is able to spread a message of hope and a feeling of acceptance to the inmates. He also keeps them updated to the latest developments in the state to help them know what to expect when they are released. Read more at securus.net about Rick Smith Securus.

The emails sent to inmates also send a message of love by helping them understand that their being imprisoned is for their good. Being imprisoned would make them reflect on what they have done and transform for the better as opposed to when they would have been let free.

The freedom would not have allowed them to have a time to think of their bad deeds but would have encouraged them to contemplate on the next bigger bad thing they would do.

As a scholar, Rick has studied in different fields that include bachelor’s degree in science, Electrical Engineering from State University, New York. From State University, he has a Masters’ degree in Mathematics. He is also a holder of a Masters’ degree from Rochester’s University in B.A. In addition; Rick got an Associate of Electrical Engineering with Applied Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Rich has served in an executive position in many companies and at different capacities. He combines his skills and experience to perform his duties. The results are impressive and this is what leaves companies maintaining him at leadership positions.

One of the greatest achievements of Rick is being able to improve communication in correctional institutions. Through Securus Technologies, he has been able to provide a reliable platform for the inmates to communicate with the outside world. The inclusion of the relevant authorities in the channel helps in ensuring security of the parties involved.

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