Rocketship Education is Helping to Redefine Charter Schools

Charter schools provide a great alternative for people who want to give their children an education outside of traditional public schools. Keep in mind that charter schools are not private institutions. However, they are public schools that allow its owners to operate without regulation. Rocketship Education is a public charter school that receives its money from community funds. This institution’s primary service is to help low-income families to provide their children a high-quality education.

Many public school institutions that can be found in low-income communities, do not provide students with the best education possible. Sure, they teach them the basics, but they usually do not go further than this. Many low-income public schools typically do not have the extra staff, resources or materials to adequately instruct students.

Often times there are no tutors to assist children who are falling behind in the classroom. Most low-income students who are lagging behind typically do not have any outside resources within their community to help them. Lower income communities do not put a premium on education. As a result, the children from these areas are often left on their own to figure things out. This type of situation typically happens more often than we would believe.

Rocketship Education understands this problem and they create the right type of environment to overcome this problem, the curriculum is top notch. It is designed for school age children in the grades K – 5. The emphasis is placed on math and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for children at a young age. Students are also given a solid foundation in their educational development by learning the basics.

Rocketship wants low-income parents who care about education to ensure that their children can get the best one possible. They know how critical it is for their children to get the best education possible. This network of charter schools was created for this purpose. Cities such as Milwaukee, Washington D.C. and Sacramento all have Rocketship Education Public School location and they are living proof that this charter school model works.