Securus Technologies highly praised for their Technology-forward services

Headquartered in Dallas, Securus has been a company that has strived to connect inmates across North America region. The company has today served more than 3,500 correction facilities and availed its services to 1,200,000 inmates in the law enforcement and correction agencies. Securus Technologies has maintained its brand as a leading communication and technology expert through provision of high-quality services. The company provides investigation services, biometric analysis, public information, information management, communication and monitoring services. It aims to make the world a safer place through their motto of connecting what matters. More information about the company, its services, and its latest technological developments can be found at


As a market leader, Securus has received several positive comments about how their tools has helped its users. Wardens and investigators have benefited highly with their services. In one instance, a warden lamented how the software provided by the company has helped them improve on safety within their facility. Another warden added that he recently learned how to use the advanced technological software and his investigation work was made very easy. The software gradually improved the security of the general facility by stopping crime even before it happened.


Securus Technologies have remained to be consistently innovative and a leader in the industry. Their CEO and leader, Richard Smith, has always been at the forefront to inspire his team to come with new technology solutions consistently.


The excellent customer service provided by the company has seen its ratings improve too. The company recently received a high BBB rating of A+ for their exemplary services. As the enterprise continues to grow, we all look forward to various technological improvements and advancements it should create.

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