Securus Wireless Containment Solutions And The Safety They Provide For The Police

I just recently learned that the corrections institutions are more threatening to the life of the officers than I thought. In the article from PRNewswire, I learned that the life of police officers faces a lot of threats because of how the inmates can have access to the outside world with cell phones inside the prison. Good thing that there are many solutions right now that help address the issue.


One of the many ways that can deal with the problem is the Wireless Containment Solutions that come from Securus Technologies. With this solution, there’s now at least 1.7 million dangerous and illegal correspondence between inmates and the outside world that had been prevented. These illicit communications came from different correctional institutions; to be more specific, at least eight facilities.


One story that I think stands out regarding this communication problem inside the facilities is the report about Robert Johnson in NBC Miami. In the report, it was stated that Robert was shot six times because of his attempt to confiscate contraband phones inside the prison. He said that he was shot in the chest and the stomach and the shooter were not even beyond six feet from him. It even didn’t stop there. He received death threats from his wife, doctors, and chaplain just because he was doing his job. Right now, he’s experiencing constant pain because of the 23 surgeries he got from the accident. Good thing that Johnson is not directly doing corrections office work today. He is now a paid consultant for Securus Technologies and is now helping the company in their Florida branch to make sure that no more calls get outside from prison cells.


I also learned from another article in PRNewswire that Securus Technologies is a leading company that offers various technology solutions to correctional facilities. Some of the criminal and civil justice solutions that it provides concern themselves to an investigation on corrections control, public safety, and monitoring.


The Wireless Containment Solutions that Securus has built are mainly designed to help detect and prevent various incidents, such as what happened to Robert Johnson. Had Securus’ WCS been deployed in the prison cell that Robert worked in, there wouldn’t have been a way for the people in prison to coordinate an attack against Robert.


It’s also good to know that FCC has now finally voted to make sure that the correctional facilities today can now have a streamlined process to deal with contraband issues by using solutions from companies like Securus. Because of Securus’ WCS, it’s now easier for the correctional offices to reduce the time-consuming paperwork and processes needed to install the equipment.


I think that with all these improvements in correctional facilities’, it would now be safer to deal with preventable risks for our police officers.