Standing Up For Human Rights

Standing Up For Justice

Thor Halvorssen doesn’t have an easy life. As the president of the Human Rights Foundation he has the challenging task of defending the basic rights of oppressed people around the world. Whether he’s exposing the dictatorship of Vietnam or combating homophobic laws in Uganda Halvorssen lives an extremely dangerous life.

Everyday he puts his physical well being on the line to lead the push against authoritarian regimes. Over the course of his activist career he has gone up against everyone from Huge Chavez to Xi Jinping. In every situation he comes out of the ordeal victorious. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The Family Legacy

The career choice of Thor Halvorssen isn’t surprising when you consider his family. On his mother’s side Halvorssen is related to both Venezuelan freedom fighter Simon Bolivar and the first president of Venezuela Cristal Mendoza. On his father’s side he has Norweigian ancestors who bravely fought to protect potential victims of the Nazis by helping them find refuge in other countries especially Halvorssen’s native Venezuela.

The family history of freedom fighting has also brought pain to him. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, investigated possible government involvement in drug trafficking and money laundering he was imprisoned on false charges although these charges were eventually dropped.

Although his impact is unforgettable the costs it has incurred are devastating. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Beyond His Struggles

11 years after the death of his mother Thor Halvorssen continues to stand up for the same causes. The Human Rights Foundation continues to expose tyrants, encourage citizens to stand up to their governments, and provide support for the disenfranchised worldwide.

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  • In 2004 Halvorssen even lost his mother when supporters of Hugo Chavez shot at a crowd of protesters killing her and injuring several others. The world needs a hero and finds it in him. It is simply something that the superior paper could not be allowed to get and I know it will work out well for them.