Talk Fusion Launches New Web Platforms

The internet would be a very different place without the presence and power that video marketing brings to it. Video marketing has become one of the mainstays of the digital age and it is due in large part to the way customers have sought out services like Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina and since then the company has expanded and grown in order to offer a complete marketing suite of solutions for their customers. Now, Talk Fusion is further cementing their global and digital reach by launching a pair of new web platforms: and


Bob Reina knew early on that video was going to make a big difference in the way that people spread the word about their company and entertained potential alternative careers. It was, in fact, the exact hunch that led Reina to leave his job as a sheriff’s deputy in order to pursue creating his own business. Reina’s launch of the two new web platforms will help to deliver that hunch to clients who are interested in following his footsteps. The reason that there are two websites being launched at once? Reina says, “This business is all about duplication.” Learn more:


Ultimately, what Reina wants to accomplish with his new platforms is to make it even easier for clients to find their way to Talk Fusion. The two websites work in tandem in order to guide prospective customers through the benefits and services that Talk Fusion has on tap. They will be pushed through four different steps of the process and at each step these prospective customers will be shown exactly what Talk Fusion has in store. The final step of the process involves signing up for a live presentation, held daily, via the website. These Opportunity Presentations are integral in really showing customers what the company has to offer.


Talk Fusion is currently available in over 140 different countries around the world as well as in nine different languages. Reina always dreamed of taking his brand global and now he has the very real ability to make that happen with these recent expansions.