The Exceptional And Successful Life Of Marine Veteran Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is an important asset for Eagle Industries Unlimited. His specialties include commercial products, law enforcement and product education. More than 150 employees receive their education regarding product selection from Ronald Fowlkes. Eagle Industries is a branch of a sporting and security company called ATK. They have been in the industry of innovative sporting and military applications for well over thirty years. The tactical market trusts their brand enabling them to provide quality products to shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement, the military and tactical markets. Ronald Fowlkes knowledge of shooting accessories, optics and reloading gear makes him an excellent Business Development Manager.


Ronald Fowlkes served his country as a Marine from 1989 until 1993. He was a part of the Gulf War, received promotions and numerous and varied training courses. The United States Army sent him to Iraq for the infantry operations being used within the combat zones. The thirteen years he spent in law enforcement contributed to his effectiveness as a Marine. He has received his certifications on tactical rifle, defense tactics, URBAN and SWAT warfare techniques and shoot house. He has been involved in excess of 250 risky incidents concerning hostages in high risk neighborhoods. Ronald Fowlkes is a great American hero.


Ronald Fowlkes lives in St. Louis, Missouri. The people closest to him affectionately use the nickname Ronnie. His background enables him to handle the tactical gear manufactured by Eagle Industries Unlimited. These products are modern, efficient, resilient and powerful. He is currently living an extremely busy life. His position with Eagle Industries make him responsible for numerous management tasks and employees. He has to maintain consistent communications with customers located throughout the United States. He also spends a lot of his time teaching the sales representatives for the company about the many products they offer and the way they work.


Ronald Fowlkes is very familiar with training work. In the past he has been responsible for training many team members for a wide variety of positions. He understands the importance of the product selection for Eagle Industries Unlimited regarding the development and sales divisions. He has been devoting his time, experience and skill to the company since July of 2008. The company operates and is based in Fenton, Missouri. The ambiance in this pleasant and peaceful St. Louis suburb is absolutely thriving. Both Eagle Industries Unlimited and Ronald Fowlkes prioritize excellence in numerous different ways. The company provides the public with access to options both contemporary and durable including armor carriers, belts, slings and chest rigs. Ronald Fowlkes helps ensure the company remains successful and efficient.


Outside of the business world, Ronald Fowlkes is an avid fan of hockey. He is the coach for a local youth league. He is additionally an extremely proud veteran of the United States Marine Core.