The Notorious Crime Sprees at the Quincy, New Brunswick

The Quincy apartment complex is centered within the downtown area of New Brunswick in New Jersey, United States of America. It was established by the nationally recognized real estate company, Alliance Residential Company. Originally, the residents of New Brunswick were impressed with the posh, contemporary designed apartment complex that was an ideal residence for the working class singles and families to reside in. However, in recent times, it had been observed to be insecure for its residents.



The Quincy Pizza Armed Robbery of 2013


On the 7th of May, 2013, a pizza delivery guy was robbed while attempting to deliver pizza to the ‘N’ building sector within the Quincy Circle housing complex. At first, the residents from the stated location told the delivery guy that they had not ordered any pizza. After being informed of this, the delivery man was returning to his vehicle, and along the way, he found three males informing him that the pizza was ordered by them. The three males followed him back to his vehicle and robbed him at gunpoint. The three males robbed the pizza delivery guy of his pizza and money including his entire wallet. Eyewitnesses had reported seeing the three robbers absconding the site on a dark colored minivan of an older model from a neighboring car park.



It was recently discovered that the individuals associated with committing the robberies were the 21-year old Parysh Wood and his friends. Wood is known to have committed similar crimes in the past and is popularly known within the community as “P Gun” and “Pistol.” The suspects were tracked by the efficient detectives who used cell phone site information as soon they were notified of the event.



The Quincy Shooting of 2015


Police officials were reported by neighboring residents to have heard a series of gunshots around 9:30 pm on 7th of October, 2015 at the Quincy. One victim was taken to the nearest Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for immediate treatment. The wound was treated promptly as it was not life-threatening and the victim had survived to provide a description of the suspect. The victim described that the armed suspect wearing a dark hoodie jacket escaped with the weapon towards Neilsen Street. The New Brunswick Police Department began investigating the crime and found bullet shells at the crime scene on the next day.



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