Wax On…Malcolm CasSelle

WAX, which stands for the Worldwide Asset Exchange is a marketplace where people can trade virtual assets and virtual goods with each other on video game platforms. WAX is changing the way that the process can be accessed by knocking down the barriers of geological and technological boundaries. Gamers will be able to trade their tokens within a game, without ever having to leave it, for other goods or assets. Blockchain technology is utilized on the platform to decrease the number of fraudulent incidences, and keep everything in order during transactions.

Malcolm CasSelle, of Los Angeles, California, is the President of WAX, and an alum of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with a Graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. CasSelle is championed as being successful and talented businessman, with over 30 investments under his belt. He has served many roles of Officer and Director throughout his career, including Chief Information Officer of OPSkins, (the game skin company that developed WAX), and also as Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media, at SeaChange International. CasSelle is dedicated to the success of WAX and will utilize his expertise and skills to do so.

CasSelle has also been involved in prominent roles at major corporations such as Facebook, Groupon, Zynga, X-Fire and other teams involved in the development of cryptocurrencies. CasSelle is confident that WAX will be the game changer in the way that people involve themselves, and interact with others with cryptocurrency. WAX allows people to buy and sell items online, during gameplay. Not only is that a wonderful ability to give to people, but it also allows them to buy and sell items with each other around the world. Thanks to his team’s development of the blockchain element, there no longer is a middle person to make sure that a person will either receive their item or other assets. The blockchain feature removes that hassle, while providing security and smooth transactions.