Daniel Mark Harrison: Entrepreneur, Author, and Cryptocurrency Guru

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) works the same way an initial price offering does but without the rigorous regulations that include capital-raising processes by venture capitalists and banks. In an ICO, cryptocurrencies are used and a percentage is sold to willing financiers for the exchange of legal tender or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.

ICOs are currently in high demand to an extent of some issuers selling their options before the funding round. Money Capital is an example of such a company. The company specializes in the investment of SpaceX supply contracts, Blockchain systems, and public company take-overs. They are also known to specialize in the speculation on blocks of Crypto. It is said that if Monkey Capital was to be rated, it would be given the strongest star in the market. They made history by being the first ICO company to sell options successfully.

Monkey Capital has a top notch management team that ensures high-quality operations take place with a realization of real-world benefits. Daniel Mark Harrison works at Monkey Capital as a Managing Partner. He is known to have developed the Factory Banking concept model. The Factory Banking model is widely used today for the Internet of Things economy, for businesses and transactions.

Daniel is also the Chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., a family company with its offices in England, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. is a development company that deals with property in the Northern part of England. Harrison is also an author. One of his books, The Millennial Reincarnations, was published in 2015.

Monkey Capital recently launched its ICO and buyers had a chance to have their subscriptions for Monkey – MNY. The management team did this by distributing tokens known as COEVAL. MNY tokens were available at an auction. After the exercise, Daniel Harrison explained the functionality of the tokens to the investors. This saw the volumes for the value of the shares of Monkey Capital go through the roof on Waves DEX. Daniel M. Harrison was able to make history by being the first ever at creating a Crowdfunding Option.