Nathaniel Ru: Better Food with Sweetgreen

For years, restaurants have been changing the way they prepare food. Today, people are not only more health conscious, but they’re more conscious of where their food comes from. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

For that reason, many restaurants are reinventing themselves and their systems. The restaurant chain leading the industry in revolutionary food preparation is Sweetgreen.

Sweetgreen is truly a modern food wonder. It’s the most high-end salad chain in the world. It strikes a chord with customers all of stages of consciousness, providing the healthiest, freshest, locally grown organic produce of any restaurant. The proof: customers line up outside their doors like they’re waiting to buy the newest iPhone.

Speaking of the public’s love for new technology, Sweetgreen is a lover of tech as well. Much of Sweetgreen’s success is thanks to the ease that comes with being up-to-date on the new tech-savvy trend. As a result, nearly one-third of their transactions happen through their website or app.

Even more impressive is the management strategy used by the CEOs. Being of a new generation, they don’t believe in using the traditional form of management. The company doesn’t even have a main headquarters.

The co-CEOs travel back and forth from restaurant to restaurant, growing their company at a comfortable pace.

Behind Sweetgreen is a strong friendship between the three co-founders. They all met while attending Georgetown University in an entrepreneurship class. It was there the three realized they had so much in common; including wanted to follow in their parents’ footsteps and own their own business.

In 2007, after realizing a lack of healthy food choices in Georgetown, they came up with the idea of Sweetgreen.

Opening a business straight out of college isn’t what most people would’ve done, but opening a business at any point brings challenges.

The challenges they faced were the same that every entrepreneur faces, with the addition that their business is in the food industry.

The biggest problem that every entrepreneur faces is learning to trust other people to do the work. In the beginning, it’s just them; but as the company grew, they had to learn to let others take some of the load.

That’s a concept that many people wouldn’t understand. They built something from the ground up with their own hands; it’s a part of their soul.

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