Work and Biography of Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb is a renowned businessman in the United States. He has served in key business companies making him one of the familiar faces in the business industry. Due to his great work, he was awarded by the Association for Investment Management and Research with the coveted award of Charted Financial Analyst in 2001. The financial guru has had productive working experience in his career.

The all-time finance pundit is a great believer in stockbroking. He is a very experienced man in the line of stock exchange, the career he chose to venture because of its uniqueness. Jacob believes that for one to be successful in business, one must have excellent planning capabilities. One must also explore issues in a practical manner. He has likened the business field to physicians saying that both share common characteristics including risk-taking and adequate planning prior to execution of any task.

Jacob has served in key positions in the business world. He was the Managing Partner and Chief Investment with the Visium Management Asset a the company that he founded in the way back 2005. He was also the founding member of Balyasny Asset Management L.P. The company had immense success in the American market making Jacob one of the most successful entrepreneurs. The finance expert also worked with Merlin Financial Group based in London. He was the investment portfolio manager with the company. The all-time finance expert was also once an analyst in the buy side sector with the Sanford C. Bernstein $ Company Limited since 1998 to 2000.

Short bio and Education background

The tremendous financial expert was born in Brooklyn City in New York. His parents were immigrants from Poland who emigrated to the states in the 1960s. Jacob grew up with his other siblings in Brooklyn. His father Max Gottlieb is a Ph.D. holder, and a professor of economics and is currently lecturing at the City University in New York. His mother is a well-known pediatrician. Jacob was fascinated by his parent’s professions since his early childhood years, and this much influenced him.

Jacob Gottlieb Leads Visium Wind Down

He attended Flatbush High School before joining new york university school of medicine. He graduated and received his Doctor of Medicine degree. He later enrolled for masters with the same university. After working for some time in the medical field, he quit pursuing his dreams in finance. He joined Brown University to pursue a course in economics and earned his B.A in economics.

Jacob Gottlieb is also a philanthropist. He has taken part in many charity events that are aiming at promoting the best livelihood in the society. He has partnered with vital charity programs in the United States. One of such charity organizations is Robin Hood organization.

The Robin Hood Organization is based in New York. It is one of the largest poverty-fighting organization across the United States. The team aims to eradicate poverty and to promote good living conditions in New York City. The group also offers grants, business expertise, and leadership training in the ghettos of the city. Jacob Gottlieb has played a significant role in financing the body, and he is a substantial contributor to its charity activities.